drewniany stolik kawowy w stylu industrialnym na zamówienie

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Industrial style is currently one of the most fashionable ways to arrange any type of interior. Combining metal and wood, or other raw materials into compositions referring to a somewhat “industrial”, although domesticated style, allows to create interiors both aesthetic and functional. Mostly in the living room has been a piece of furniture, called a coffee table, or a coffee bench. It has not disappeared from the landscape of modern living rooms, such as the famous Gierkow furniture wall, but over time the character of the coffee table changes. While in the past there were fully wooden tables, such as wooden coffee benches, often quite massive and in addition – covered with napkins or a tread, nowadays we prefer light, loft forms, regardless of whether they are made only of wood or from a few materials. This type of tables, despite the fact that they are most often very simple and uncomplicated forms, is a huge choice. Nowadays, it is worth taking an interest in furniture not only produced on a larger scale, but also, for example, a modern loft coffee table to order.

Loft coffee tables with varied design

The loft table can therefore be rectangular, square or round. On individual order, you can request, among other things, a practical set consisting of two simple tables, where one perfectly fits under the other. Whenever there are more guests just pull out an extra table and voilà! Simplicity has long prevailed among the trends in interior design, the one perceived naturally as noble minimalism. Industrial style coffee tables are also often chosen because of their properties. Most loft benches and tables are very minimalist constructions. Interesting are those with a smooth, wooden top supported on metal legs, or wider slightly metal bases. Although they may look a bit like school benches to some people at first glance, they are clearly different from them. The industrial coffee table still looks more noble and its base, although still simple, is usually different from four simple metal legs. This is one of the most popular designs of loft tables nowadays, but there are of course many more to choose from.

Wooden coffee bench loft

Loft, industrial interiors, as a rule, are decorated quite minimalist. However, an exaggeration in every direction is not good. While rococo glamour has long gone out of fashion, the current trends may be minimalist, but not to exaggerate. Especially in the living room, living room, after all excessively strict decor is still not advisable. Therefore, a modern coffee table does not have to be simple in its form, like the proverbial construction of a cepa. In your minimalist living room, the coffee table can be the most eye-catching piece of furniture. Especially when it comes to such sophisticated design, it is worth paying attention to the table made to order. Most loft coffee tables consist of a wooden or glass table top and metal legs. However, many coffee table benches, even for modern interiors, can boast a slightly geometric top and an additional shelf in its lower parts. Although loft coffee tables are rarely characterized by decorations, when choosing your wooden coffee table to order, you can also be guided by the motif on its countertop. In Moskal Furniture there is an opportunity to choose any graphics that will perfectly fit into a particular interior.

Modern round coffee table

Industrial tables are often characterized by a countertop in a different colour than the rest of the structure. In addition, they are distinguished by their characteristic, minimalist legs and strict bases. In the industrial style, almost all grips are allowed, but in moderation, and the loft coffee table to order can be characterized by really rare solutions in the field of industrial design. Therefore, if you are decorating a new apartment or house, it is worth to bet on the industrial style. Usually, furniture and other items used for interior design of lofts make the impression of very light, sometimes openwork, and at the same time – simply interesting in terms of design. Perhaps you are just starting to decorate yourself, or perhaps the only thing missing in your living room is just a coffee bench loft. A must have this season! The offer also includes stylish, wooden benches and versions made of furniture board. They are an interesting alternative to industrial tables. The design of wood adds coziness to the rooms and works great in both modern and more classic interiors. Also check out our upholstered beds, poufs and bedroom cots available to order! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer!