Table with storage space


Coffee tables are very popular these days. You can not miss at least one in a modern living room, but such tables also work in other rooms and even – for example on terraces or verandas. Considering that coffee tables are a hit of crazy fashionable now industrial interiors, it is worth considering such models as our practical and modern coffee table with storage space.

Many of Moskała Furniture are custom-made furniture. However, when it comes to these particular coffee tables, they are readily available. Our industrial tables with a storage compartment for various practical items are characterized by high quality workmanship. They perfectly combine attractive design with practical functionality. The tables offered were decorated with interesting graphics, e.g. in flamingos, toucans or zebras. They will be the perfect choice for people who want to bring a little color to their interiors. For lovers of minimalist and timeless furniture, we recommend choosing the Island coffee table, which fits perfectly into rooms decorated in Scandinavian style. It will blend beautifully in any interior.

Tables and round tables

Coffee tables with a slightly more classic shape can be found in the appropriate tab on the website In this category we offer many tables made according to the same scheme, but with slightly different finishes. Such tables will perfectly fit not only in a modern living room, but also, for example, in children’s rooms and on the plot. We probably all know how often you have to ask children to clean up toys or other small items. A coffee table with a storage space, which will accommodate a lot of trifles, is a very good piece of furniture for them. If a large part of the tidying process is limited to removing the flap, or rather the countertop, from the top of the table and packing the scattered things into the middle, it makes it much easier for the kids to keep tidy. Small and light industrial coffee tables have tops with a very diverse design. For example, cheerful pieces of watermelon or other fruits or exotic flowers. Such patterns most often appeal to children, but you can also choose here boho, geometric or smooth patterns.

Round Coffee Table For Storage

Such a table is useful at home and outside. For example, during trips to the plot or camping to the table you can pack some necessary things to store them inside the site. The table can therefore replace in different circumstances, for example: a box, basket, suitcase, and a few tables – basic furniture. All tables of this type from the store Meble Moskała have really many potential uses. First of all, any such table is simply a round coffee table for the living room or for the library or another interior. Each coffee table from the store has several practical functions. Even among our classic tables, made to order, some models have room for different types of small things. For example – remote control for TV, newspaper, etc. Coffee tables, regardless of their form, are very functional and willingly bought. It is a small piece of furniture, which is not associated with a significant expenditure and significantly improves and facilitates everyday life. A coffee table with storage space is therefore not just a coffee table. How many uses can you find for it? A table, a piece of furniture, a locker, something for your holiday luggage… This is just the beginning of ideas on how to arrange such a gadget. Choose your table on, for example with a “space” or with a classic, wooden top and find one or several uses for it!