Small garden greenhouse – a simple way to effective solutions

Foil greenhouse is an extremely convenient way to protect vegetables, fruits and seedlings from adverse weather conditions. In addition, both a large and a small garden greenhouse will make the plot even more beautiful!

Garden foil tunnel allows to protect crops from weather conditions. Hail, wind or too low temperatures will no longer be terrible for your plants. In addition, the foil greenhouse also protects against pests, such as leaf-feeding worms or fruit-eating birds. Regardless of whether you are just starting out with gardening or you are an experienced lover who has grown many seedlings, a foil greenhouse will work perfectly in any hands.

Small film tunnel – provide plants with the right microclimate

Foil greenhouses offered in our online store are a guarantee to create conditions for plants in which they will grow healthily and safely. Different sizes – 2x3m, 2×3.5m, 2.5x4m will make it easy to fit your garden: no matter its size!

Both the garden foil tunnel and the foil greenhouse are extremely handy and easy to install. By choosing them, you can be sure that you will assemble the whole structure easily, without any hassle – and when the need arises, you can easily move it to another location. The windows of the foil greenhouse are supplemented with mosquito nets; thanks to this, the plants are fully protected against a number of negative factors associated with insect activity. However, this is not the only structural advantage of garden foil tunnels – many models additionally have sliding doors with zippers, which can additionally be secured with latches or Velcro fasteners. This is especially useful in the summer, when a small garden greenhouse is aired – despite opening, bugs and small pests will not be able to get inside.

Foil greenhouse – check in our store!

On you will find the necessary assortment that will allow you to create unusual, original spaces. A small foil tunnel or a foil greenhouse are just some of the many examples that will allow you to arrange a garden and at the same time protect plants – both from negative atmospheric factors and animal influences. Forget about seedlings destroyed by too much rain or low temperatures and fruit eaten by birds – the garden foil tunnel is an excellent protection.

Good quality of workmanship and ease of installation make the foil greenhouse able to protect your crops for years – and even serve as a rustic winter garden. It should be remembered that the garden foil tunnel is best placed in a sunny place. Under no circumstances should it be in the shade; by this, you can get the opposite effect to the expected. If you have any questions or concerns about the assortment, please contact us. We will do our best to help.