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We also offer raw chair frames. We have all the chair designs that we produce to order. Below are pictures of sample designs.


Chair frames


Are you looking for a Polish manufacturer of frames for upholstered chairs? Well done, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years! We are a company producing both frames and all upholstered furniture since 1998. Our services are used by both individual and wholesale customers. Upholstered chairs on wooden racks are excellent furniture for the dining room or for placing at the table on the veranda. With the help of the frame and the appropriate filling, you can create your own unique chairs. Wooden chair frames in universal colors allow you to match the chairs practically to any type of interior. Regardless of whether you need upholstered chairs for your home or perhaps for your catering establishment, making them on our racks will be simple and aesthetically pleasing. Moskal furniture is known throughout Poland and our factory in Barwald Średni is not the only place where you will find our ready-made products. After all, we are not only a manufacturer of chair frames, but above all a manufacturer and importer of ready-made furniture for various, modern interiors.

Meble Moskała made of wood and not only

Our furniture is made from the highest quality raw materials. We also care about the high standard of furniture imported by us to Poland. Among the frames available you will find all models that are used in the production of wooden chairs in the company Meble Moskała. The combination of wood and fabric is a very elegant duo. Often such chairs are found in restaurants, due to their aesthetic and practical qualities. The wooden frame provides an ergonomic and sufficiently firm backrest during a meal, while the upholstered part of the chair guarantees a comfortable, soft seat.

Why is it still worth to bet on chairs on frames?

Upholstered chairs on wooden racks can be ordered according to the finished design, or purchase ready-made racks and choose your own upholstery for them. Regardless of the chosen method – it is worth taking care of the stock of fabric or at least remember the manufacturer of both the frame for the chair and the chair itself. Our frames in universal designs have been created for a long time, so we also recommend our services in the field of chair manufacture, because it will be easier for you to fill any gaps in your set later. Moskała Furniture is a manufacturer offering numerous patterns of upholstery as well as the frames themselves, so you can easily match the right patterns to your interior. Are you unsure which model to choose? Contact us. We are happy to help, especially when it comes to practical reasons, but we can suggest a few designs that will fit well with the rest of your interior if you find it easier to choose from them. Do you want to completely change the look of your interiors? Or are you settling in for the first time? Chair frames and Moskała Furniture will allow you to furnish yourself in a comfortable, modern and really fashionable way.

Frames potential

In addition to being combined with a variety of upholstery types and designs, our raw wood frames are also subject to staining and other treatments, such as varnishing. This gives you even more room for manoeuvre regarding the final appearance of your chairs in the dining room and beyond. In fact, any wooden chair frame of our production can significantly change its face thanks to a few simple treatments. When choosing a frame, you can easily choose and determine a few more factors that will make it your Unique Chair. It is thanks to the chairs from Meble Moskała on wooden racks that you will notice that the chair does not have to be a completely simple and banal piece of furniture, with which it is commonly associated. We cordially invite you to pick up our frames for chairs for Barvald and to our showrooms and distributors all over the country!