Check out our unique dining room furniture sets. The dining table and chairs set from Moskała Furniture is an excellent choice for the dining room or living room.


Dining set made to order


Dining room: stylish or modern? With Moskal Furniture you do not have to choose! With us you can make your own set of dining furniture. You yourself choose the design and final shape of both chairs and tables. We offer both very modern furniture and classic versions. Regardless of whether you are just decorating a new apartment or just want to replace the furniture to match the style in which your entire dining room is maintained – the right set of table and chairs for the kitchen on request is waiting for you on the website meblemoskala.pl.

Which table for the kitchen and which table for the dining room?

Many people have only a kitchen, without having a separate dining room, others – they have a table and chairs only in the dining room and yet another group of people are looking for both a table for the kitchen and a separate dining room. Do these two rooms fit perfectly with the same tables, or should they somehow differ from each other? Of course, there are no rigid rules in this regard, but you can take into account some practical tips. If we do not sit in the dining room at every meal, then usually the table chosen for the kitchen is a bit smaller and also less representative than the set for the dining room on request. At the table in the kitchen, we usually eat quickly, without pulling out special dishes or special covering it. A kitchen table, even if made to order together with chairs, should also be as simple as possible in terms of keeping its countertop clean. Fortunately, today we have many means and methods to choose from for cleaning furniture and, regardless of the type of surface, routine cleaning and maintenance is becoming less and less problematic. Those who have only a kitchen, despite the lack of a dining room, will certainly be happy to choose an elegant table with chairs for the living room on request. The living room often serves as a representative dining room. Dining sets on the website meblemoskala.pl are therefore designed in such a way that they interact with different variations of interior design, including those not strictly associated with eating meals.

Dining room furniture set

Even if you eat on a daily basis, at a small table in the kitchen, then when inviting guests or celebrating different types of holidays, such as Christmas with the family, such a folding table with chairs on request is useful. If you are trying to leave as much space as possible in your apartment, then such a folding table for most of the time probably serves as a kitchen table, and folding in the middle of the room remains just since Christmas. No matter what your needs are, when it comes to a table for the dining room, for the living room or for the kitchen, on the website meblemoskala.pl there is such a wide selection of them that you will find here a table both of the right dimensions and maintained in the style and color you desire. Your new custom kitchen table with chairs can therefore be a minimalist table, giving the room a rather strict character, or a wooden table with profiled legs, more reminiscent of the elegant interior of a classic dining room or living room.

Set of table and chairs to order

Moskała furniture offers ready-made sets of furniture for the dining room on request. However, since these are pieces of furniture prepared on an individual order, their final compositions, or some shapes, may eventually undergo minor modifications at the request of the client.  Therefore, a table with chairs made to order from meblemoskala.pl can be truly unique, unconventional and unusual. It is up to you what set you will compose from our ready-made catalog of dining furniture for your own interior. Kitchen cabinets to order are already standard. Complete them with a table with chairs created for your home just like that! Order these and other types of furniture at meblemoskala.pl!