Tables with metal legs and top in a warm shade are the perfect combination of raw, industrial design with elegant…


Industrial style



Metal tables for loft interiors


Tables with metal legs and a top in a warm shade are the perfect combination of raw, industrial design with an elegant tabletop. Loft style tables are a perfect proposal for modern interiors – dining room, living room, office and kitchen.

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Classic table top and metal legs – the perfect duo for a modern home

When choosing a dining or living room table, you usually have a choice between a classic wooden table or a modern metal table. We opted for a combination of metal and high quality furniture board. Furniture boards used by us are being made using innovative techniques that makes it an extremely durable material characterized by high aesthetics. Metal tempts with its strength, resistance to damage, as well as endless molding possibilities. The loft table combines the advantages of furniture board and metal in one. It is the perfect duo of lightness and timeless style, durability and stability.
Tables with metal legs and tops made of furniture board available in our shop are furniture which impress with precise execution and thoughtful design. The solid, elegant material of the tabletop, as well as the durable material of the legs, create the perfect piece of dining room or living room furniture that will last for years. See all products available in stock from our metal tables.

Match the metal frame table to your interior design

Combining furniture board with metal gives not only functional, but also aesthetic benefits. Natural wood color and black metal combine classic and modern interior design styles. Thanks to this, the table on a metal frame will perfectly match any set of furniture. You can easily match it with metal chairs or wooden cabinets. Such small details make the arrangement of a kitchen, dining room or living room cohesive.
With a table made from a combination of furniture board in a natural shade and metal, you don’t have to worry about the furniture going out of style. The elegant table top and metal legs will easily match changing interior trends.

Stylish metal tables

What kind of table are you looking for? You’ll find not only tables with metal legs, but also tables with wooden legs and tops in black, white and grey. A round table with wooden legs or a rectangular table with metal legs?
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Choose a table with metal legs

Looking for a robust table for your apartment, but don’t want to wait for a custom loft table? See our metal tables available in stock with fast delivery. We will deliver the furniture to your address with our own transport. When placing an order you can also order a service of carrying and assembling furniture. Choose the color of the tabletop and match it perfectly with the interior of your home. Order the table of your choice and take advantage of cheap, fast delivery straight to your house.