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Are you dreaming of a unique sofa or sofa tailored to your living room? Sofa and chairs for the living room from Meble Moskała is an excellent choice!













Sofas and armchairs for living room


This is an absolutely basic holiday set for the living room. A modern sofa for the living room, even in the retro style, is most often a simple sofa on legs. More and more, we are moving away from the living room as a kind of guest room, and the space in this living room is now of great importance in the context of the latest trends in interior design. Today, one of the dominant styles related to interior design, both residential and utility, is the industrial style, also called loft style. This, of course, does not mean that such interiors are unpretentious and uncozy. Considering, for example, the armchair powder shell pink, which perfectly fits into such a stylistics, it is easy to notice its multidimensionality and versatility. Loft style is characterized by both fluid and geometric forms, and moreover, it can freely refer to multidimensionality, although not as advanced as the works of Picasso or Salvador Dali, which makes this tendency to decorate interiors much more practical in everyday life.

Scandinavian armchair with footrest

One of our hits is still a custom-made ear seat. This chair is available in several versions, for example as an armchair with or without a footrest. Uszaki are actually timeless models and suitable for a very diverse interior design. A well-profiled ear will therefore appeal to people of different ages and with different needs. Such an armchair will be useful not only in the living room, although this is its most common destination. There especially its honorable place will find the armchair with footrest. Both the industrial and retro styles are closely related to the Scandinavian style, as they all include interior design with different types of furniture and accessories made of raw wood, simple, geometric and very characteristic of modern interiors. All mentioned trends also use the combination of this wood with fabrics or metal elements. Therefore, the Scandinavian armchair is also ideally located in loft and vintage interiors.

Living room sofa with sleeping function

Furniture on individual order is furniture adapted to your needs. We will make for you exactly the sofa that you need – it can be a double sofa or, for example, a folding sofa with a container for bedding. We produce furniture for living room and other rooms. The basic designs are of course available on the website, but to take a closer look at the quality of our sofa bed made to order, it is best to visit our salon in Barwald Górny. The offer of Moskała Furniture is one of the most modern and at the same time the most versatile and diverse proposals on the Polish market. We provide furniture for both individual and wholesale customers. You will find a sofa for your bedroom or for the waiting room in your clinic or beauty salon. Moskal furniture can be found practically everywhere!

Which armchair?

Old New York lofts, often located in buildings adapted for residential old factories, were characterized by their own unique style, which was however determined by the specific character of such interiors forced by their previous purpose. Nowadays, fortunately, we have much more room for manoeuvre when furnishing industrial flats, cafes or offices, only inspired by old loft interiors. A sofa, or other custom-made shell furniture, fits very well into them. In addition to furniture in the form of characteristic shells, ear-shaped armchairs are also popular, because in addition to the loft style, retro interiors are still valued. Both styles have a lot of features and elements in common, especially considering how this crazy fashionable loft style was born.

For more than 20 years we have been professionally producing Polish furniture, and for some time we have also been importing ready-made furniture from China. While some minor modifications are possible in the case of native furniture, furniture from the Middle Country comes to Poland as finished products. We cordially invite you to our showroom in Barwald Górny in Małopolska. In addition to clients from Krakow and Małopolska, we are also visited by people from other areas, such as Poznań or Warsaw. We are open to supply high-quality, self-produced furniture throughout the country.

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