White Dressing Table With LED Mirror








Dressing table with LED mirror for make-up


The dressing table usually brings to mind an old-fashioned piece of furniture from a women’s boudoir or an element of wardrobe in the theatre. However, since the modern industrial style is characterized by a specific eclecticism, also in our contemporary interiors, for example in the bedrooms, modern dressing tables appear again. However, they are a bit different from the ones we know from costume films. Among other things, Moskała Furniture offers dressing tables tailored to our times. Moskal Furniture is engaged in the manufacture of various types of furniture to order.

Modern dressing tables with or without a chair?

A dressing room without a seat is a pretty bad idea. Some dressing tables from Moskała Furniture are therefore equipped with a special stool for the set. It is a very practical solution and at the same time – you can be sure that both pieces of furniture fit together. Nowadays, however, we like to focus on eclecticism, which is why many people are happy to add another type of furniture to the dressing table, such as a quilted pouf. Such soft, but stable poufs in fuchsia and more subdued colors can also be ordered on the website meblemoskala.pl. The dressing tables go well with both wooden and insanely fashionable upholstered furniture. It is most often a dressing table stylized gently on a dressing table of the type that ladies used over a century ago. However, the way it is made at first glance allows you to see that these are new, modern dressing gowns. Depending on how much space you need in the drawers, you can choose this, or a much simpler and geometric dressing table with LED mirror. The latter can have as many as three large drawers positioned like desks: on one side vertically. This is the most capacious and practical version of the dressing table of the Meble Moskała brand. However, not every interior fits just like this. It will certainly be found in the interior arranged in an industrial style and in any other simple and geometric, typically modern. Its advantage is also a really large mirror. This is a very convenient option.

Your glamour dressing table

To paraphrase Henry Ford: you can choose a dressing table in any colour, as long as it is white. All dressing tables offered by Meble Moskała are kept in this color. It is extremely versatile and at the same time elegant. It gives the impression of cleanliness while creating a bright frame for the mirror in which you look and for your reflection in it. Dark dressing tables seem a bit gloomy after all, so we opted for classic white. Regardless of whether it is an old-fashioned dressing table or just the one with straight angles, it will always be a white dressing table. A dressing table with a chair in itself makes the interior a little more glamorous and will appeal to ladies of all ages. So you can buy such a wooden dressing table with a mirror for yourself, or order as a gift, for example, for your wife or sister.  Wooden dressing tables “old-fashioned” with a rotating mirror also have numerous compartments and nooks to hide small cosmetics, jewelry and other feminine trifles.