Stylish hammocks, hanging chairs, swings


Are you looking for the perfect complement for your boho-style interior? Do you dream of your own outdoor relaxation area, on the terrace or in the garden? Hanging armchair for interiors. Place it next to the coffee table and create your own comfortable place to relax. Let yourself be relaxed by gentle swings and pleasant swings after a busy day.

Brazilian hanging chair in boho style

Ceiling-mounted hanging armchairs are an excellent alternative to classic armchairs for relaxation in the living room or bedroom. The Brazilian armchair (Storchnest), which has dominated interior trends in recent years, not only looks stylish, but also requires less space on the floor than a normal armchair. The macramee hanging chairs that you will find in our shop are the essence of the boho style.

Decorative fringes, a wooden rod and a comfortable, soft pillow are not only a fashionable interior accessory it is also the most suitable place for relaxation. Makramee hanging chair makes you feel like on holiday at a paradise beach. The round hanging chair can be attached to the ceiling with the help of a rope and suspended with 1 or 2 points. Check out all the colors that are available in our shop only from the best manufacturers!

Steel hanging armchair for garden, terrace and balcony

The hanging chair is a piece of furniture that has taken our gardens, terraces and balconies by storm. It finally replaced the classic garden swings and quickly became a popular holiday destination in nature in many Polish gardens. In our offer you will find steel hanging armchairs two persons (Bali model) and single armchairs (Dominican Republic, Morocco, Tulum or Zanzibar). Each of the seats forms a high-quality steel frame and a stylish cocoon with soft cushions. The robust material of the products of proven furniture manufacturers around the world ensures that the armchair will serve you for years to come. Check all available colours (see photos) and choose the perfect complement for your garden, terrace or balcony.

Brazilian hammock with fringes

The Brazilian macramé hammocks are used for resting while lying or sitting. The hammock can be mounted indoors as well as on covered terraces, in garden cabins or on the balcony instead of a sun lounger. This stylish garden hammock is relatively small, so you can even set it up at home. The fabric from which the macramee hammocks available in our shop are made is robust and resistant to damage such as abrasion and also feels comfortable.

We offer hammocks in two colors beige and grey. This makes it easy to adapt the hammock to an arrangement in shades of beige, brown, grey or white. You can also use the hammock in the children’s room.

Stork’s nest swings for children’s room

Swing in the nursery? Why not? The little ones love everything that hangs around hammocks, swings and stork nests. You can play on the swing at home for hours, and a colourful stork nest for a baby is also an interesting decoration for a children’s room. The popular stork’s nest is not only a great place to laze and play. They also form the children’s sense of balance and movement coordination and are often used in the therapy of sensory integration.

The stork nest for children Fun, which you will find in our offer, helps your children burn off excess energy and offers them a creative way to have fun for hours. The steel frame of the swing is protected with foam to keep the toddler completely safe while playing. Have a look at the other accessories for children in our offer, the perfect accessories for the children’s room.